Tuesday, 19 August 2014

MAC Lipstick In Craving & Discounts With Cohorted Review.

If your both a lover of beauty and social media you may have already heard of cohorted.co.uk if not then I will give you a quick little run down on what this little gem of a website is about. 

Cohorted is a social shopping experience which allows for you to buy branded beauty products with great discounts. Every monday at 6pm four beauty products will go on sale in very limited numbers with a certain percentage of discount, the full discount can only be obtained if the product sells out the more people who buy the bigger the discount. When the Cohort closes or sells out everyone who purchased will get the discount that it ended on not matter what point they clicked to purchase. 

There have been some amazing products that have been on Cohorted in the past month from high end and high street brands. I have been very impressed to see a lot of MAC, Urban Decay and Illamasqua....including very popular or recently released products not just the leftovers that are difficult to sell. Be warned because of the limited numbers some popular products will sell out within minutes of a Cohort opening so I would suggest setting a little alarm or reminder for when they open as I have missed out on many a great Cohort already!

Ok so onto my first Cohorted purchase. Last monday I saw a beautiful MAC lipstick crop up on Cohorted that was right up my street, after quickly googling some swatches I knew I had to have it! This lipstick is the Amplified Creme lipstick in 'Craving' which is a beautiful deep raspberry colour perfect for Autumn. 

I only own one other MAC lipstick which which is a matt formulation in 'Russian Red' and I have been wanting to increase my collection for a long time but spoilt for choice I had no idea where to start. Now the Amplified Creme formula I have got to say is beautiful! It is so creamy and moisturising a complete contrast to the matt formulation but still with incredible pigmentation. I am no good at describing colours but this is a very rich raspberry/plum colour with slight pink undertones, a great shade for the colder months with lots of depth. It applies so smoothly and has good staying power for its formula but obviously no where near as long lasting as a matt formula. 

Cohorted Offers free delivery and with the discount I only paid £12 for this MAC lipstick and it took exactly a week to come, I will be definitely be keeping my eye out for future cohorts that may spark my interest. Have you tired Cohorted?

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