Thursday, 14 August 2014

Printable Posters & Monochrome Accents.

When it comes to kids bedrooms I think decorative accessories can make a huge difference, theres no need to go to the huge effort of painting a room when you can add decals, wall art, bunting etc which will brighten up and make a space look loads more interesting. Eli's new bedroom will be left a white blank canvas with soft furnishing in grey, yellow and blue with monochrome accessories and accents.

Whilst browsing Pinterest I realised there are a ton of free printable posters available online which are a great inexpensive way to liven up your walls. I printed these simple posters this morning and I think they will look so affective in some bright yellow frames. You can see here how I up-cycled some old picture frames and some vibrant wall art for very little money here.

Other monochrome accessories that I would love for Eli's room are all from a great website called This Modern Life. DIY banner makers are great for spelling out your child's name or a cute little saying and is very reasonable at around the £10 mark for a pack. Wall decals are simple and effective and much easier then painting or wallpapering and these pack of small black triangles make a space look really modern especially focused around a certain area such around a bed or in a reading corner. Lastly another monochrome poster a lovely little JK Rowling quote....Magic Is Something You Make. 

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