Friday, 15 August 2014

A Toddler Pre-School Wardrobe.

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After realising Eli starts Nursery in just two weeks time I decided I am really not prepared! We managed to potty train Eli just in time which is great but a spare change of clothes still need to be carried at all times in case of accidents. Not only this but now the weather has turned and is getting a lot cooler I realised that most of Eli's warmer clothing are getting a little snug so I have been looking to purchase a few basic pieces that are comfy, warm and liable to get mucky! 

When it comes to T-shirts H&M do some great basics for just £2.99 like this grey slogan one, or Zara for £5.99 various place names on. A couple of jumpers are essential and I am loving these sweatshirts the LA one from H&M for only £7.99 and I fell in love with this one from Zara that has Eli's initial on it costing £12.99. For added warmth I love he idea of throwing on a padded body warmer over the top of a sweatshirt and this red one is only £5.99 from H&M absolute bargain. 

On to trousers, now because Eli is only freshly potty trained he really needs to easy to pull down trousers and tracksuit bottoms are ideal because they are comfy and warm. I would never buy Eli tracksuit bottoms because I thought they looked scruffy but Next do some really stylish ones for about £10.99 with skinner legs and a nicer material or if your not worried about that then H&M basic ones are only £5.99. H&M is the place to go for budget basic trousers as you can also get twill and cord trousers in a variety of colours for only £5.99 too I particularly like this bright mustard yellow or deep burgundy. 

Lastly for a light weight jacket I am loving these american varsity style baseball jackets, they seem to be  everywhere at the moment this one is from Mothercare. Finally a cute rucksack for holding a change of clothes and his sippy cup and Cath Kidston is where I will be heading, this retro back pack in this cute red bus design is just adorable!! 

You may see a little haul including some of these bits soon! Thank you for reading. 


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