Monday, 18 August 2014

Sunday Family Funday.

This sunday consisted of cooking an epic lamb and potato vindaloo in the slowcooker, I had picked up a load of meat from Morrisons as The Sun newspaper had a £5 voucher in for fresh meat and fish. I managed to get two small packets of diced lamb, a pack of beef mince, a pack of diced beef with kidney and some pork cheeks for only £6! 

Whilst the curry was cooking away we too a chance on the weather and went for a walk around the park, it had been raining all morning so everything was damp but we were prepared with our boots and raincoats. The sun had come out but there was a very chilly wind that really reminded me of the start of Autumn my favourite season. Wesley loved running around the park and thought the wind was hilarious, he was a cheeky sausage all day climbing all sorts of things he shouldn't and then falling asleep in his highchair with a mouth full of sandwich.    

Our curry was so delicious, by far the best curry I've ever made and very very hot! I used a recipe from the Hairy Bikers Cook Book and it turned out perfectly. I served it with rice, nan bread, homemade cucumber raita and onion salad whilst the boys had a ham, mushroom and mixed herb omlet with baked beans which was equally a hit with them! 

We were lucky to have a lot of goodies from the allotment this week, runner beans, garlic, onions, cooking apples and tons of raspberries and blackberries so I decided to make an apple and mixed berry crumble for desert. Here are some pictures of our day...mainly of food just to warm you!


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