Friday, 15 August 2014

How To Be Ill Without Looking Ill.

You know what it's like when you pick up one of those man flu style god awful rotten colds, the ones that just zap you of all your energy and completely run you down.....well yup I have one of those! Ever since the weekend (Im blaming London transport) this cold has just hit me like a brick wall.....Sore throat, blocked sinuses, cough, cramps, exhaustion and all the other nasty bits that come with being ill.

Now being a mother means I still have errands to run and being ill doesn't change the fact that I have children depending on me, so if your having to face the world when you would really prefer to stay in bed here is my guide for 'How To Be Ill Without Looking Ill' products great for hydrating your skin, making you look awake and glowing whilst hiding those puffy eyes and redness.

So lets start with night time, prepping your skin for a night of broken sleep is very important! After cleansing I like to give my skin a nice polish with this Total Renew Micro-dermabrasion Exfoliator by No7, I find when I'm ill or run down my skin gets very rough and this helps to smooth and get rid of any dead skin. Eye cream is essential to help prevent those inevitable dark circles and I find a few rubs of this Clinique All About Eyes cream is very effective. A good over night serum or hydrating moisturiser will help with that dry and dull looking skin I have liked using the Instant Comeback serum by Benefit and the Vitamin E Over Night Serum-In-Oil both leaving my skin soft and plump in the morning. Lastly if you are anything like me, my lips seem to suffer most when I'm ill so spreading a generous amount of Dr Lipp Nipple Balm over my chapped lips before I go to sleep works wonders!

For the morning when you wake up feeling and most probably looking like death I have a few tips and tricks on what make up will disguise any fatigue and make you look glowing with minimal effort! Firstly more moisturiser is necessary and a light weight hydrating moisturiser is best I love this Vitamin E cream from The Body Shop. Some kind of illuminating serum will make your complexion look glowing with minimal effort and this one by Nspa is such good value for money and makes your skin look healthy and fresh.

Now concealer is essential to cover up those dark circles and any redness around the nose I love this Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer as its peachy tones counteract any dark circles it is very creamy and doesn't crease so is perfect for under the eyes. When your ill the last thing you want is to wear a heavy face of foundation but if concealer isn't quite cutting it and your complexion still needs a bit of a boost a colour correcting cream is what you need. Cinique CC cream will help even out your skin tone and help disguise any redness, it is light weight but also has a fair bit of coverage leaving your skin with a very natural finish.

Make up can be easily kept to a complete minimum, lashings of your favourite mascara and a nude eyeliner like this one by Rimmel will make you look a lot more awake. Use a blush that has a little shimmer to stop you looking pale whilst adding a little healthy glow to your cheeks this one by TheBalmCosmetics called Hot Mama is perfect. Lastly if your lips are in ok condition opt for your favourite feel good pop of colour on your lips mine is Russian Red by MAC but if your lips are still dry and chapped then a tinted balm stain is much more sensible like this Just Kissed Stain by Jane Iredale.   

I have been relying on these products all week to keep me looking human whilst these germs have been taking their toll. What are your sick day make up/skincare must haves?


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