Wednesday, 6 August 2014

DIY Up-cycled Wall Art On A Budget!

This week seems to be all about doing things on a budget, whether It be a budget family recipe which you can find here....or today a bit of budget do-it-yourself to brighten up your walls.

I decided I wanted to make some pictures to put up in Eli's new bedroom for when we move and found several old wooden frames that I thought would look nice painted. Make sure your frames are unfinished wood, if it is varnished then you may have to give it a bit of a sand down first and if you don't have any frames makes sure you check out your local charity shops! To make this a truly cheap project pick up some paint tester pots, they are only just over £1 each and you are only going to need a small amount to paint your frames. I chose a bright yellow and a bright blue to match the colour scheme of Eli's new room and whilst I was in good old B&Q I thought I would check out their wallpaper selection.

The selection of bright and funky wallpapers in B&Q were perfect to make some pictures out of, and the best bit is you can take free samples which is plenty enough for framing. Because Eli's bedroom has a bit of a retro vehicle theme going on I fell in love with this camper van and vespa printed wallpaper design and also a Paris collage wallpaper featuring bicycles....they were perfect! 

Lay your frames on some scrap paper and paint with two coats of your tester pot paints, whilst your frames are drying use the glass from your frame to find the best composition from your printed wallpaper. With this collage style Paris themed wallpaper I knew I wanted to get the beautiful bicycle in the picture and really liked how it looked off centre with the suitcase sitting in the opposite corner. You can then draw around the glass and cut the wallpaper to the perfect size to fit your frame.

Once your frames are dry put the glass back in the frame followed by your cut out wallpaper then it back and admire the finished article. I love how these turned out and they only cost me a matter of a couple of pounds and made the most out of some old frames that were not getting used. I cannot wait to put these up in Eli's bedroom and am even considering doing some for Wesley's room or even the lounge, its a great way of adding something eye catching to the wall without having to actually wallpaper. 

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of DIY on my blog and hopefully you might see a few more crafty posts as I think I have got the bug! Thank you for reading.


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