Friday, 22 August 2014

Autumn Primark Haul.

Its has started to get a little colder this week and when I looked at my wardrobe the other day I honestly couldn't find a single thing to wear! My problem is I am a very sporadic clothes buyer, often buying lots of things and then never having anything to wear them with I also feel that my style had changed a lot recently meaning I no long like a lot of the clothes I own. What I did own that was Autumn appropriate was mostly a good few years old and so I decided to start slowly revamping my wardrobe getting rid of everything I knew I was not going to wear again and start purchasing more of a capsule wardrobe with a less is more approach. To start organising my wardrobe I decided to purchase a load of these ultra thin non-slip hangers from Primark, these take up less space therefore make your wardrobe feel less cluttered they were also discounted being only £2.50 for 10 hangers instead of £4. I didn't quite buy enough to do my whole wardrobe but they have made such a difference already, I really want to be able to see what clothes I have instead of it looking like a cluttered sale rail and these are a great help.

I have a severe lack of tops, I am such a skirt/dress buyer that I always fall short in the top department and when having a little organise I realised that most of my tops were way too summery. I packed away everything that I didn't feel would transition very well into Autumn and picked up some staple basics when I was in Primark. The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous grey long jumper/dress, it is made of a thin knit which is perfect for when it starts to get chilly and is oversized and slouchy which makes it super comfortable. It feels really soft and good quality and I love seam detail that runs down the front, this would be great to wear with leggings or thick winter tights and was only £6.  

The other top is actually one I already own but in a different colour, I absolutely love these distressed tee's from Primark they are so comfortable to wear and they are a great basic to have and look great tucked into a pencil skirt of just with jeans.

I also picked up two skirts as I love wearing skirts in Autumn with thick tights, the first again is another wardrobe staple just a grey pencil skirt this one being a bit longer and comes just below the knee. The second is a knitted skirt which I think is supposed to be a part of a knit twin set but I couldn't see any of the tops in stock yet. Its thick and warm and a beautiful Autumnal red I like how it sits high on the waist and really flares out this would look lovely with boots and I am very excited to wear it!

Lastly this wasn't bought on the same trip as everything else but I have been keeping it aside waiting to combine it into a larger haul. I treated myself to a new winter coat I couldn't help myself when I saw it on the rails, this stunning pale pink duffle coat with beautiful gold detailing and the softest fluffiest hood. I had real trouble last Winter finding a coat that I liked with a hood so as soon as I saw this I knew I had to have it and I think it looks a lot more expensive then the £25 I payed. 

I really think to get a wardrobe that your happy with it really helps to plan. Look at seasonal trends that your interested in, work out what your wardrobe is lacking and replacing things that have seen better days. Also try to create a mix and match wardrobe so things don't go unworn, when you are about to buy something ask yourself....Do I have something similar? and What am I going to wear with it?

A few things I would like to get this season include a new pair of quality jeans most likely from Topshop or H&M, a Winter patterned dress and a leather jacket but I'm sure I'll think of plenty more! 

Thank you for reading. 


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