Saturday, 2 August 2014

Autumnal Outfit Of The Day For Under £30! - A Primark Haul.

Like I have said in previous posts I'm very much looking forward to Autumn, I love Autumn/Winter fashion and the fact that it is now filtering into the high street stores has almost sent me giddy with excitement. I casually strolled into Primark today with window shopping intentions only (who am I kidding!) and low and behold I see rails of new Autumn stock! Its not often I end up buying a whole outfit from Primark but today it just seems to happen by coincidence, so I thought Id show you my small Primark haul in an outfit of the day post. 

Ok so the first item I picked up was this denim shirt dress, it is super soft thin denim with long sleeves and popper buttons all the way down. This shirt dress is effortlessly chic looking, its loose but could be belted to create more of a shape but I really like how causal it looks as it is. I love how the hem dips down at the back giving a bit more length and the option of rolling up the sleeves if you don't fancy wearing them long. There are so many ways this dress can be worn it is extremely versatile and a great addition to any Autumn/Winter wardrobe and for only £13 I think thats a bit of a bargain. 

Next is what I am wearing on my head which is a 100% wool black fedora which is something I have wanted to get for a long while. One of my favourite fashion bloggers whatoliviadid her fashion trade mark is her fedora hat and she makes it look so stylish I have been wanting to get one ever since. I always go a bit hat crazy in winter and a fedora just makes the most average outfit look a little more classy. The black fedora was £7 and I know I am going to get a lot of wear out of it especially in wetter weather. 

Now it gets a little exciting because the last thing I purchased were these beautiful boots! O.M.G they are stunning and they look so expensive but they are only £18......and thats not even the best bit!! When I got them to the till it must have been my lucky day but for some unknown reason when they were scanned through they only came up at £8! This has got to be the most crazy bargain I have picked up in a long time....I think they easily look £50 plus and I got them for £8 I still cant quite believe it! 

I love the suede effect, the chunky heel, the buckle and cut out details all of which make the perfect boots for Autumn/Winter and they look so nice with the denim shirt dress I also picked up. When worn all together I think this outfit is so stylish yet still causal and when I priced it up only cost me £28 which I think is just fantastic especially when that includes such a beautiful pair of boots. 

I also love how my Cambridge Satchel compliments the outfit which I received as a gift last christmas personalised with my initials. Im pretty sure this is going to me my chosen outfit for mine and Greig's next date day next weekend where we will be hitting london for a bit of shopping, lunch and a matinee performance of Wicked at the theatre.

What do you think of my Autumnal outfit for under £30? Thank you for reading! 


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