Saturday, 16 August 2014

H&M & Zara Boys Fashion Haul.

As I mentioned in my last post which you can read here, Eli starts pre-school in 2 weeks time and he could do with a few new bits of tans-seasonal clothing as the whether seems to be cooling down a lot now. Well after posting that little look book I innocently went off to my local shopping centre to pick up a Next order of shoes that I purchased in the sales and I accidentally bought most of the items I posted about!

Mustard yellow chinos, a beautiful colour for autumn! My bargain suede high topes which only cost £6 in the Next sale are just perfect for winter and a light weight knit grey stripe beanie hat....because Eli loves his hats. 

E is for Elijah....I couldn't not get this monogramed sweatshirt from Zara and LA just happens to be my initials too this one you can find in H&M.

Lastly these London and Paris t-shirts are both from Zara I think yellow and grey are both my favourite colours at the moment and this slogan t-shirt was from H&M and only cost £2.50!!!

I have a few more bits on the way that you will be seeing soon!

You can find more details and links on my previous post 'A Toddlers Pre-School Wardrobe' here.

Thank you for reading.  


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