Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Life Lately.

So we had some nice weather, we had picnics, trips to the park, got a paddling pool, had our first BBQ and it was lovely but unfortunately now the rain is back with a vengeance. We spent the miserable bank holiday weekend mostly watching films, baking and just generally relaxing indoors. When the sun did make an appearance for a brief period on Sunday we took advantage of it by whisking the boys off to their soon to be new village visiting the in-laws, the park and our soon to be new home to take a few measurements for furniture and curtains.

The boys love it at their Nanny & Grandads, playing with their Dads old train sets and running around the garden. We blew bubbles and ate ice cream and down the park Eli went down all the slides whilst Wesley had fun on the swings, we took both the dogs who also thoroughly enjoyed the nice walk. The change in weather I think got to Eli a bit and he was a bit unwell for 24 hours with a high fever, he spend a whole day naked in and out of sleep but im so glad it didn't last very long I hate seeing him poorly.

Things have finally got moving with the sale of our flat and is now on the market! Moving is the most stressful experience ever and we have only just started! Dealing with solicitors and arranging viewings not to mention de-cluttering and eventually packing....I have already noticed I have been binge snacking because I am stressed, I've really got to stop otherwise I'll have put on 2 stone by the time we move! Ebay has been my best friend recently, we are trying to sell everything we don't need and save the money ready to buy some new furniture for the new house, I will be doing a huge ikea haul a few weeks before we move as I have a ridiculously long wish list that you can see on my Pinterest.

Other things to look forward to are Greigs birthday which I have booked as to have lunch in a beautiful and classy restaurant that overlooks Folkestone harbour the views look stunning! I still am yet to get him a present I am struggling for inspiration so much this year! The day after Greigs birthday is Fathers Day and we have a great day out planned, Greig, his dad, Eli, my dad and I are going for a ride on the Dimchurch steam railway visiting the coastal towns and stopping for a fish and chip lunch.

Then before we know it it will be Wesley's birthday! I still have to get his play tent and some books but I have almost got all of his party decorations which I will be doing one huge blog post on once it at all arrived. I have also exchanged my Tesco's Clubcard vouchers for tokens for the zoo so we will be having a family day out the weekend of Wesley's birthday and it will be his first trip to the zoo!

Its safe to say june is a pretty crazy month for us, lets hope I can get through it without having a breakdown! I'm sure its going to be one to remember!

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