Monday, 26 May 2014

Fathers Day Gift Guide.

Fathers Day like Mothers Day has become an extremely commercial holiday! They day should be about appreciating those figures we have in our lives rather then showering them in expensive meaningless gifts. So despite this being a gift guide I am also going to include some thoughtful Fathers Day extras to do and to make.

If you are really stuck for Fathers Day ideas you can never go wrong with boxers and socks, in fact I bought a pair of daddy pig (from peppa pig) boxers last Fathers Day as a gift. They might not be sentimental but at least you know they will be well used, in particular I like this gift set from Ted Baker. 

Anything personalised will make a great Fathers Day gift, something with a personal message on that will always remind them how much they are appreciated. This wooden Iphone skin from Lumber Jacket is not only practical but can be engraved with a message of your choice, perfect for those tech savvy sophisticated dads.  

Chocolate again is a failsafe gift but how about something a little different. Try the fathers day range of hot chocolate spoons from Coco Delicious not only look great but once stirred into hot milk creates the perfect luxurious drink a great treat for any dad. 

For all those beer drinking dads how about a mixed create of award winning british beers to taste, If your lucky they might even share them! 

Every Daddy needs his own mug for his morning cuppa! If buying for young children to gift this Emma Bridgewater mug is simple but stylish and a cuppa tea in bed on Fathers Day morning will always go down a treat. 

Lastly photos are the perfect sentimental gift, how about making a Fathers Day scrapbook or photo journal filled with pictures of you both from over the years and if your not particularly arty Photobox can do most of the work for you. 

I think that time spent with your family is better then any gift so why not organise a day out together. This could be anything from a Father Day lunch either at a restaurant or homemade, a round of golf or how about a trip on the Romney Hythe & Dimchurch steam railway stopping off at a costal town for a fish and chip lunch....this is what I have planned for Fathers Day! 

Other great ideas include booking an appointment for a cut throat shave at your local barbers, a family evening out at the dog track or simply a pancake breakfast in bed. Young children can make all sorts of lovely handmade gifts and cards and have great fun at the same time, so get out all the paints, glitter and craft stuff and let them go wild. Pinterest has tons of great ideas for handmade Fathers Day items if inspiration is needed.  

Don't forget the real meaning of these holidays. Thank you for reading.


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