Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Nas Laguna Bronzer Alternative For Only £3?!

Now I must start by admitting I do not own the iconic Nas Laguna, it is the bronzer every blogger raves about yet being a pale girl I have shied away from the realm of bronzer for fear of looking...well orange! Also I couldn't risk spending the high price and then the colour just not being right for me.

So after hearing several bloggers post about the MUA Bronzed Perfection stating it is a very good alternative although not a full blown dupe of Nas Laguna, I had to give it a try! Now I am a complete bronzer/contour noob again partly not knowing what products would suit my ultra pale complexion but for £3 it didn't really matter if it was an epic fail.

So I will start off with what I have read about the MUA/Nas comparison, after looking at swatches online the first very visible difference is that Nas Laguna is very shimmery bordering on full on glitter where as MUA Bronzed Perfection has a very subtle sheen which for me is a huge plus especially as it looks more natural when using it for contouring. The second noticeable factor is the MUA bronzer is very slightly lighter in colour again a plus for paler skin tones which find Nas Laguna a little to dark.

So onto the MUA bronzer itself...firstly it is huge! A very large round pan filled with 15g of product, it makes me wonder how you would ever get through it all! And at £3 I mean come on that is great value for money especially when its a whole £23 less then Nas Laguna and you are getting 7g more of product! The packaging although cheep and plasticy is robust enough to protect it from damage. The texture of this bronzer is so buttery soft, a brush picks up tons of pigment and when applied with a light hand it is easy to blend and looks beautifully natural. Being pale I do have to apply it very lightly but it doesn't leave me looking orange or muddy which is what I had been worried about.

This is my second MUA purchase, my first being the Undress Me Too palette which is a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked2, and I have to say the product quality is just amazing for such an affordable price...You cant get much better on the high street and I am looking forward to trying more of their products.

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