Monday, 12 May 2014

Sunday Family Fun Day.

Spending days out with the family are the best! Visiting all the local parks, playground and zoos, but sometimes spending a day indoors can be just as great. When the weather is less then ideal so outdoor activities are out of the question, when its miserable and wet outside there is nothing better then a day indoors playing games, doing crafts, watching disney films and drinking hot chocolate.

.......This pretty much summed up our Sunday. We spent a lazy morning in our PJ's watching cartoons whilst daddy built Eli's train set so he could play. We had a huge brunch of vegetarian sausage, trimmed lean bacon, scrambled egg, grilled mushrooms and baked beans....both boys absolutely loved it and ate every little scrap of their plates. Eli and Wesley played nicely together in their bedroom watching the rain from out their window, we snuggled up on the sofa and watched Tangled and drank hot chocolate.

We had a healthy dinner of carrot and lentil bolognese and once the boys were in bed I set about designing Wesley's birthday invitations, I am so happy with how they turned out they are perfect for his little gentleman's tea party and I cannot believe how close it is to his first birthday!

What the boys wore:    

Wesley: Jeans with braces - H&M, purple check shirt - Mothercare, Start-rite shoes - John Lewis.
Elijah: Jeans with braces, rugby top and socks all from Next.

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