Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Battle Of The Balm Cleansers.

I have been a fan of Clinique Take The Day Off cleansing balm for some time and has become a firm staple in my skincare routine, so when I received a cleansing balm and a recent Birch Box I couldn't wait to do a comparison. The balm in question is One Love Organics Skin Saviour an absolutely beautifully smelling balm which for a full sized product would cost £30 which is almost £10 more then my regular Clinique balm.

Now not only is this balm organic and free of any nasties, it claims to be multi purpose which can be also used to moisturise rough skin and tame fly away hairs. I love the scent of this balm it is a slightly citrusy spa like smell which is something I miss from Clinique products. I have tried using this balm on both my elbows and knees giving a little moisture to any dry areas and it really works great although I find it needs a little warming up so that it spreads a little easier.

The texture is thick and a little Vaseline like, the warmer it gets the the more oilier and easier to work with it becomes. This is very different to the Clinique balm which feels more solid kind of like solidified fat/oil that instantly turns to an oil as soon as its touched. This makes massaging it around the face a lot easier then that Skin Saviour which I feel drags a little and needs a lot more working with.

Again because the Clinique balm is looser in texture when it comes to rinsing it off the skin it is a lot easier then the Skin Saviour. This is my one main gripe with the Skin Saviour balm it may remove any remanding make up and dirt off the skin really well but removing the product from your skin is ridiculously difficult. The product is almost waterproof so a lot of product tends to be left behind on the skin that could result in the skin being greasy and pores being blocked which could then lead to breakouts. When using this balm I felt like I had a cleanse again using a different type of product to make sure any left over residues were gone which just seems silly.

Its a shame that Its so difficult to work with as I adore the scent and find it really moisturising but for cleansing I am definitely sticking to my Clinique Take The Day Off!!

Are there any balm cleansers you guys would recommend me try? Thank you for reading.


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