Thursday, 1 May 2014

Sweet Potato & Chick Pea Curry - A Recipe.

This was a bit of an experiment that turned out beautifully I don't usually tend to follow recipes I'm a kinda slap dash use whatever I have in the cupboard cook and luckily it never tends to fail me. I wanted to make a vegetarian curry using up some sweet potato and can of chickpeas that I had, I love making yummy meals of other odds and ends left in the back of the store cupboard. Here is what you need for this recipe:

2-3 small sweet potatoes.
1 can of chickpeas.
1 cup of lentils.
1/2 a white onion.
1 clove or garlic.
2 large tomatoes.
A handful of spinach.
A can of chopped tomatoes.
A curry paste or powder of your choice.

Peel and chop your sweet potato in small chunks and dice your onion and garlic, add it all to the pan with a whole can of drained chickpeas and tomatoes cut into quarters. Fry this in a little oil until the onion and tomato being to soften then stir in your curry paste or powder. I like to use madras curry paste because we like it spicy but I use only a small amount of a mild curry powder if I'm cooking it for the boys. Add a can of chopped tomatoes with an equal amount of water and a cup of lentils and simmer until the lentils are cooked and the sweet potato is soft. Just before serving stir in a handful of fresh spinach then serve with boiled rice and a dollop of natural yogurt or sour cream.

Being meat free makes this a very cheap recipe to make especially if you have most of the ingredients already in your store cupboard. Its another firm family favourite so give it a go and tell me what you think!

Thank you for reading.


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