Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Body Shop Wish List.

The body shop have seemed to have really upped their game recently and there are so many things I am dying to try! Firstly I will start with products I discovered through blogger recommendations, the camomile cleansing oil has had rave reviews from fellow bloggers and I have never tried a cleansing oil before only balms and my skin has seemed to dry out a lot recently so I really want to see how it stands up against my favourite Clinique Take The Day Off balm as a cheaper alternative.

Another product recommended by bloggers has been the raspberry body scrub...almost a jam like texture that smells good enough to eat this scrub is not over abrasive and the most perfect summer scent! Many bloggers also recommend the Honey bronzer in light, apparently great for us pale gals because it is subtle and is neither orange nor muddy looking on the skin. 

Now onto bestsellers....even though this is a new release it has said to have been ridiculously popular already, it is the Vitamin E Overnight Serum In Oil. Said to rival a lot of high end facial oils it is great that the high street has finally produced an affordable facial oil treatment and I'd love to try it out. Another best seller is the Seaweed Clarifying Toner, currently my skin care routine is without a toner and I have been meaning to introduce on into my routine for a while so if anyone can recommend any other great affordable toners I'm all ears??  

Now lastly the new English Dawn White Gardinia range sound absolutely beautiful, I have not yet been able to smell it but if it smells as good as its sounds I'd like to pick up and eau de toilette in the scent. 

What are your Body Shop top picks?  


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