Friday, 2 May 2014

Catch Up With The Little Fishes.

So its been a while since I did a little post about the boys so I thought I'd catch you up with how these two have been recently.

Eli is now two and a half years old he sleeps 7am-7pm, eats everything and anything we give him and an absolute dream. He if always full of energy and personality and I've got to say the supposed terrible twos so far have been a doddle! He has the odd little paddy but nothing major or consistent and is only ever because he's either hungry or tired. He spends his days running around singing songs and playing with his brother, his favourite things are still trains he is crazy for trains! He loves films his current favourites being Frozen, Polar express and Toy Story and he loves to memorise the words. He knows his alphabet, colours, can count 1-10 and his vocabulary and speech is coming on leaps and bounds although he his still not speaking in proper sentences. He has so much love for his baby brother giving him cuddles and kisses, chatting to him and advising him when he shouldn't be doing things. He has been attending a playgroup called Talking Tots every Friday since the beginning of the year and its really helped his listening and talking turns and as of september he will be starting pre-school! We had one attempt at potty training that failed miserably but hopefully we will give it another try soon but I don't want to rush him. He doesn't nap during the say anymore and he likes to get every single toy out all at once but all in all he is doing fabulously and is a joy to be around!

Wesley is now 10 months old.....he has only just started sleeping through the night and hardly naps during the day any more! Thankfully he now sleeps from 8pm-7am which I'm so so happy about after all the sleep problems we had when he was first born this is a big big improvement. Wesley is a difficult child putting it nicely, we had it easy with Eli....Wesley does everything that Eli thankfully didn't. He opens and empties by cupboards, he has a fascination with the dogs water bowl, he likes to pull the door stops out of all the doors, unravel whole toilet rolls, pull the keyboard and mouse off the desk.....and thats just a few things! Wesley really keeps us on our toes he's relentless and feisty, he actually throws more tantrums then Eli! He says mum, dad and nan and he hates to be left out, he's a proper attention seeker! He eats the same meals as us and he is also such a food thief, between him and Eli I'm surprised we actually get any food ourselves! He has just started to stand unaided and is getting a lot of practice walking with his walker. He is in 12-18 month clothes because he is so bloody tall.....he is just a whirlwind and such a character!

I love both my boys so much they are such individuals and I'd be lost without them! Thank you for reading!


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