Thursday, 15 May 2014

LouLou Loves....Charming Arthur Fashion Accessories For Boys.

I love dressing up my two little boys, I love boys fashion and as you may know already I have a little obsession with bow ties, braces, flat caps....anything befitting my two little gentleman. As Wesley's first birthday rapidly approaches I decided on the theme 'Little Gentleman's Tea Party'....any excuse to buy them ridiculously cute outfits of course! I started to scour the web for a modern stylish bow tie and braces set finding loads of fabulous ones......only one problem they were all from America!

The prices may seem reasonable but once you pay for shipping, VAT, customs charges you end up paying a small fortune! Other then a very small (boring) selection on the high street mainly from H&M I could not find anywhere U.K based that sold what I was looking for.......Until now! 

Let me introduce you to Charming Arthur:

"From the arrival of our own Prince Charming born on the same day as Prince George we set about lots and lots of baby shopping (who can resist tiny clothing) but soon noticed the lack of baby/toddler boys stylish accessories within the UK. This soon prompted the birth of a very new and exciting baby of ours; Charming Arthur. A range a suave and sophisticated bow ties and casual yet trendy bandanas to piece together with the oh so lovely braces."

It seemed like fate when I stumbled across this small Facebook based business......even more of a coincidence they are even based in my home town. I jumped at the chance of owning something so perfect for Wesley's birthday outfit and have been so excited to review their products for you.

Charming Arthur sell a selection of handmade mix and match collections of bow ties and braces above are the ones that I chose from the 'Yacht Club Collection'. I instantly fell in love with the adorable blue and white polka dots and the contrasting yellow bow tie, I loved the fact you could choose to match or contrast the the two different accessories. There are several different collections to choose from all with a set of braces and several coordinating  bow ties, I think the fabric design selection is fabulous and they all look extremely stylish yet sophisticated.  

The accessories come in 3 different sizes 0-6 months, 6-24 months and 2-6 years, these 3 pieces are in 6-24 months and they fit Wesley perfectly and the bow ties even fit Eli and he is 2 and a half so there is a lot of room for growth which is really nice to know.

Not only do they look super stylish they seem very well made and hardy enough to withstand the rough and tumble of toddlers. The braces are adjustable again allowing for quite a bit of growth and have clips that fasten onto any type of trouser or shorts. In the past I had bought trousers for the boys that had come with braces but they had a button fasten so I couldn't then attach them to any other trousers but with these the options are endless. The bow ties have a velcro fasten instead of your usual clip which is great because I find on toddlers the clips are likely to break more easily.  

Another lovely little detail is this Charming Arthur logo stitched onto the back of the braces which sets off the design lovely. Prices are extremely reasonable £8 for one bow tie, £18 for a bow tie and braces set and £20 for 3 bow ties. Overall I am so impressed with these products they are one of a kind and its so hard to find anything like it in the Uk. I know that my boys will look so gorgeous wearing these at Wesley's birthday party and to give you a little idea of how I would style them here is a sneak peek of some of their outfit:

I would thoroughly recommend Charming Arthur please check out their items and like their page which can be found here. I will be placing many more orders from Charming Arthur I'm sure and next month you will be able to see these items modelled when I post Wesley's first birthday pictures so keep your eye out! 

Thank you for reading! 


* Some Items gifted for review purposes, these are all my own 100% honest opinions which are no way influenced by the brand.  

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