Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Paperchase Haul & Exciting New Project.

At a very young age I wanted to write a book....I even attempted to write my own Point Horror book when I was 11! I was always into the horror genre starting with the Goosebumps books then Point Horror and eventually Steven King now I am a older I enjoy reading a much wider range of fiction. I've always enjoyed writing, I chose to do English Literature at A Level and I absolutely loved writing my 10,000 word dissertation for my degree and I must be pretty good at it as I got a first!

Since finishing university I have neglected both reading and writing forgetting how much enjoyment it brings me, but recently whilst constantly mulling over what I want to do career wise now that I have quit my job of over 6 years writing a book suddenly became an obvious choice.

Its every mothers dream to be able to work from home whilst able to bring up their children at the same time and I have researched many options which allow me to earn a living from home but none of which I have been that passionate about. Now don't get me wrong I am not expecting to be a successful writer  but whats the harm in giving it a shot. I've always seen writing as a hobby rather then a career but now self publishing and ebook technology have become so popular and widely available, bringing your material to the masses has becoming much more achievable.

Before I get ahead of myself its going to take a lot of hard work and planning and I actually have to finish writing a whole book!! But even if it takes a year or more my goal is to eventually have a series of kindle books published by the time I am 30.

Now everyones got to start somewhere and right now I am reading a few handy books on writing fiction and I'm waiting on a Paperchase haul of notebooks and sticky notes so that I can start planning.
It feels great to be following a life long ambition and have a goal to work towards? What would you guys like to accomplish by the time your 30?

Thank you for reading.


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