Thursday, 20 November 2014

Pin Addiction - A Glimpse Into My Pinterest.

I've had Pinterest for a long while now but have only just grasped the magnitude of uses it has and have recently become a little bit of an addict. My most favourite ways of using Pinterest for interior decorating inspiration, craft ideas for the kids and recipes.....but honestly the list is pretty endless! Its like a rabbit hole you can get completely lost down for hours on end.

Here are a few glimpses of what my Pinterest looks like and a few things I am loving right now:

I have been looking for some table decorating ideas for Christmas and am loving the rustic look using hessian pinecones and wood. 

I am going to ikea next week to pick up a long Ribba Picture Ledge for above the sofa and have been looking for some inspiration on how to create a gallery picture display using different sizes and styles of frames.  

Whilst browsing for Christmas ideas I found this lovely idea of how to personalise wrapped presents and decided to give it a go. It gives such a lovely added decorative touch to gifts and you can even find free printable mini bunting on Pinterest too. 

How cute is this jewellery display? Using a framed pin-board to hang necklaces, earrings even rings this way you can see what you have and are more likely to get more wear out of each piece.      

Im tempted to make a few homemade Christmas treats as gifts and decided to give making fudge a shot and how nice does this pumpkin fudge look?? And very seasonally appropriate. 

I really want to add some plants around the house to brighten up the place but I am not the best at remembering to water them so I think Cacti are a good idea! I love how cute and modern these succulents look, especially hanging planters which will keep them away from the kiddies little hands. 

I have such a tiny office space in my living room and have been looking at ways of making it look more interesting. I love how cute this little space is with the inspirational art work and momentos displayed on the wall. 

Lastly a pre-planned date night envelopes one for every month each describing what you are going to do on the date including, cash gift cards or anything you will need. You could even make this a lucky dip instead of labeling them with months, this way you don't neglect to spend quality time with each other making one night a month really special. 

You can find all these Pins on my Pinterest Here.

Thank you for reading.


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