Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Haul.

I am desperate to put my decorations up, I am literally having to hold myself back! So to stop myself from decking the hauls in NOVEMBER....I seem to be buying a lot of new decorations instead! I have about twice the space to decorate this year now we have a new house so there is logic in my spending but here is what I've bought over the past few weeks.

Lets start with lights, for the first time I am able to put lights on the outside of our property so I went for these icicle fairy lights from Wilkinsons, something simple and pretty. I also couldn't help but get these ridiculously pretty paper star lights which are battery operated, they look so stylish and a lot more expensive then they were so well done Wilkinson! I plan on hanging these in the porch around the mirror and you could even get away with using these all year around although they are pretty delicate.

You may be able to see a theme here....Rustic wooden decorations....I cant get enough of them! They don't have to be expensive either, I managed to find some real bargains starting with the best one....The stag head. Now I had seen something similar in next and it was around the £25-£30 mark but then stumbled across this wooden stag head in Wilkinsons for only £8 combined with a pack of their small battery operated fairy lights for £3.50 I managed to recreate the look for less then half the price.

The 3D tree and snowflake decorations were also from Wilkinsons 'Wild Wood' collection....I tell you they are really on form this year and such affordable prices, the snowflakes only being £1 each!

Another fantastically affordable shop to buy Christmas decorations is Matalan, this is where I purchased this wooden block 'Noel' ornament for £6 that matches so well with the other bits and bobs I picked up.

Now I do love bunting and garlands and I have two options for you here. The first and more expensive is this lovely felt Christmas bunting from Next at £10 or for something a little more budget again from Wilkinsons packs of make your own heart garlands are only £1 each!

I really can't wait to start decorating, I need to go and pick out our real tree soon!

Thank you for reading.


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