Tuesday, 4 November 2014

L'Oreal Collection Exclusive Eva's Nude.

I've wanted to try this L'Oreal nude collection for a while in particular Cheryl's Nude which I had heard was a great dupe for mac patisserie. Each nude shade is represented by and suited to the skin tone of a certain celebrity which as an idea seems really good, its a way of helping you find your perfect nude lipstick. They actually now do a set of red lipsticks with the same concept which I am dying to try but I have so many red lipsticks right now I opted for the nude instead.

Now I haven't been able to find Cheryl's Nude for love nor money....have they stopped selling it? and after a bit of swatching I decided to go for Eva's Nude. Now I wish I had stuck to the concept as Eva Longoria and I are like chalk and cheese when it comes to complexion but the peachy nude really appealed to me but as it turns out doesn't really suit me! The colour is sheer which means its quite a subtle wash of colour and is quite balmy in texture which is a little disappointing and not what I was expecting from a lipstick. But the one thing that really stands out it the smell.....a strong synthetic plasticy smell which is very reminiscent of playdough, not something I really want to be smelling all day!

Not something I see myself getting very much use out of, I hope that the red collection doesn't have the same downfalls! 

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