Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Choccywoccydoodah Brighton Review.

Recently I took a weekend trip to Brighton for my best friends hen do and one of our hen activities was a trip to the very well known Choccywoccydoodah for an all you can eat afternoon tea in on of their secret rooms. I have wanted to go here for so long after hearing so much about it and of course watching the T.V show, who wouldn't want to check out such an extravagant chocolate shop.

The shop is hidden away down one of the winding lanes of Brighton and although it is tucked away you cannot miss it because of their beautiful window displays full of the most ornate and decorative season appropriate cakes. Another thing you will notice straight away is how busy it is, but then it is to be expected we were lucky enough to be able to book one of their secret rooms as there were 17 of us in the hen party so we skipped all the queues and had a waitress to attend to all our needs.

The room itself was called 'The Boudoir' it is very Moroccan-esk and only just about held all 17 of us! Im not sure if they have any larger rooms but it had a nice and intimate and cosy atmosphere which was great when were playing games and we were able all to chat away with lots and lots of laughs.

When we first arrived in our secret room the coffee table in the centre was filled with nibbles including pots of dipping chocolate and things to dip like strawberries, marshmallows, rocky road, sweets and much more. We were able to bring our own champagne or prosecco and they supplied us with glasses which made it even funnier once we had gone through 8 bottles, there was also speakers to you can play your own music to improve the ambiance. 

But that wasn't It a part of our all you can eat was being able to order anything we wanted off the menu and oh my god chocoholics you will love it! The menu includes an array of cakes, ice-cream sundays, milkshakes and many more, we asked for a platter of all of their different cakes with a huge mound of ice-cream in the middle and it was the most tasty thing I have ever eaten. My favourites were the coconut cake, chocolate truffle cake and chocolate chilli cake, my only criticism is that even though its all you can eat....there is only so much chocolate you can consume in one sitting! So you have the option to totally get your monies worth but you may end up feeling a little sick in the process. 

The staff were so friendly and attentive and they even boxed up any leftovers we were unable to eat to take away with us which was really great as like I said there is only so much you can eat! The cost of our trip was £25 per person for a 2 hour session but prices may vary depending on the amount of people in your party I am not too sure but it was a really nice experience and one I definitely would recommend especially if there is a large celebration group looking to do something a little different and memorable.

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