Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Updating Eli's wardrobe.

Slowly over the last few months I have been updating Eli's wardrobe ready for the colder months. He has several pieces from Next and Zara coming for his birthday which is just a few days away but I thought I'd share with you some extra bits and bargains I have been accumulating. 

Lets start with Ebay bargains.....This Next jumper only cost me £3 on Ebay and is perfect for Winter and these converse only cost me £2.50!! It aways pays to buy second had If you can hunt down items in great condition you can save yourself a lot of money.

I've been looking for some winter boots for Eli especially for wet weather and found this fantastic pair in Asda for only £10. 

Lastly I had a couple of Autumn/Winter bow ties made by the lovely Charming Arthur....I love the denim monogrammed one so much, he will definitely be wearing it on his third birthday.    

Thank you for reading.


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