Saturday, 25 October 2014

Naked 2 Basics Palette Review.

When I received an email from saying that one of the next cohorts was going to be the yet to be released Naked 2 Basics I knew I had to get it and I knew that they would sell out quick. When monday night came I was ready and waiting for the new cohorts to go live and indeed got this great little palette for an equally great price. I even posted about it on Instagram which stirred up a huge interest in my followers resulting in lots of happy new owners!

I never purchased the original naked basics because I found the light colours to pale and the deeper shades far too dark so I knew I wouldn't get much use out of it. When looking at comparisons between the two this palette seems to contain more mid-toned everyday more wearable shades which are more cool toned which I really enjoy using. The lightest shade Skimp is the only shade to have a little shimmer to it making it an excellent brow bone highlight, Stark and Frisk make the most excellent base colours, Cover and Primal are brilliant for adding a little definition to the crease of the eye giving a lovely neutral smoky eye and Undone is perfect for lining the lash line. Here are the swatches below and as with all Urban Decay eyeshadows the pigmentation is fantastic, they are buttery soft and blend beautifully which is always hard to find in predominantly matte eyeshadows. 

I have been reaching for this palette almost everyday since I purchased it, using the muted grey/brown called Frisk all over the eye lid whilst using the richer brown called Cover in the crease to add definition.  

Keep your eye on Cohorted as you can pick up some fantastic deals! The Naked 2 Basics palette is available here for £22.

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