Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Children's Christmas Wishlist.

Now Eli's birthday has been and gone its time to focus on the next big event of the year.....CHRISTMAS! Now some people might cringe talking about Christmas in later october but when you have big family's and children if you fail to prepare....prepare to fail! Not only is it better to spread the cost of Christmas over a couple of months but being prepared means escaping the crazy Christmas shopping rush. I do most of my Christmas shopping online and maybe do one Christmasy shop in December to get the last few forgotten bits and to get into the spirit of things.

So lets start with the is what I have on their to buy lists. They both have a main present to share this year which is a wooden work bench from Vertbaudet which I picked up in the sale months ago and have been hoarding ever since. I'm so glad that they are at that age where I can buy them joint presents to share it makes things a lot easier!

For Eli I am going to get some dinosaur figures and dinosaur encyclopaedia as he is at the hight of a dinosaur obsession right now! I am also going to stock up on sticker and colouring books for his stocking as well as this cute pirate dressing up set which comes in a cute tin. Last but not least a Christmas onesie is essential and a yearly tradition and this one from Mothercare is perfect.

Now Wesley is always so much harder to buy for as we already have mountains of toys which don't seem to interest him and he generally just plays with Eli's toys! Books are always a winner no matter what and I always have a huge list of books to buy. As well as that I thought a little doctors kit and red indian dressing up set would be nice as he seems to enjoy pretend play, a Peppa Pig bath toy is bound to spark interest and also the traditional Christmas Pj's!

Now its just a case of getting round to buying it all!

Thank you for reading.


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