Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sunday Family Funday! (a little delayed I know!)

Im sorry if my posts seem few and far between right now and I know this post is extremely late but I am only just over one week away from a huge house move and things are tres chaotic right now. Not only am I now doing school runs taking Eli to preschool but every single waking moment is spent organising packing and selling all our worldly belongings. As well as this the boys both had a brief bug which caused almost a week of sleepless nights which hasn't helped matters but we are so close now I am super excited. 

This haphazard posting period will probably last not only up to our move next Sunday but for a few weeks after as well whilst we get settled but I promise you lots of new exciting content once I return full time including decorating, home wear hauls, room tours and not forgetting Eli's 3rd birthday which is not too far away either! So please bare with me, anyone who has done it knows how stressful and chaotic moving house is and that doubles when you also have two children! 

Despite how crazy life is right now we are still trying to get some autumnal walks in to appreciate this beautiful change in season so Sunday we donned our coats took a short stroll to the park and along the river front. The weather is beautiful right now, the perfect mix of autumn chill and late summer sunshine the leaves are changing colour and dropping...its my favourite time of year. Eli enjoyed jumping in the piles of crispy leaves under the trees and collected fallen conkers which we used to help Eli practice his counting skills. Here are a few pictures from our walk:

Thank you for reading. 


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