Thursday, 11 September 2014

Cushions - How To Successfully Clash Prints.

Replacing your cushions on your sofa is the easiest way to revamp the look of your living room without being too time consuming or expensive. I personally feel that buying a very plain neutral sofa a good investment, not only will it never go out of fashion but it will also go with whatever colours of patterns you decide to accessorise it with. When we moved into our first home we chose to buy the Ikea Karlstad stofa in Lindo Beige which turned our to be the best decision we ever made. The sofa covers are very easy to wash which is ideal when you have children, the fabric is hard wearing and its simple modern design looks great with a ton of patterned cushions. 

I like to update my cushions quite regularly and their have been several that have caught my eye recently. Now my living room even though mainly neutral is accessorised with muted grey, green and blue colours I love how calming and relaxing those colours are which is definitely needed in a chaotic house with two toddlers! I love the idea of having lots of different clashing patterned cushions whilst still coordinating in colours I think this looks really effective on a very plain sofa like ours, so I decided to buy one of each of the cushions above. I really like how even though they are all very different patterns because they are all tones of green and grey with hints of monochrome they coordinate really nicely. 

How do you feel about clashing patterns? 

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