Sunday, 7 September 2014

Nail Varnish Haul & Reviews.

What with a trip to TK Max and the lure of Boots 3 for 2 deals I seemed to have picked up several new nail varnishes recently so I thought Id do a few mini reviews. Now I am not the best at applying nail varnish especially with two children running round so you will have to excuse me and also ignore hangnails and bad cuticles with really could do with some TLC....theres just not enough time in the day at the minute. 

Models Own in Lemon Meringue - This I picked up in TK Max for only £2.99 and is my first ever nail polish by models own. I love the pastel yellow colour but wasn't sure how such a pale colour would apply, I had a feeling it could be tricky and boy was I right. This took 3 coats to become anywhere near opaque which is very time consuming and a lot of effort. After each coat it was taking longer and longer to dry and I ended up with a lot of smudges and marks because I just don't have time to sit there and do nothing for half hour. Im sure other colours by this brand might be better but I was not impressed with this one. 

Barry M Gelee Hi Shine in Almond - By far my favourite of them all and possibly my favourite colour ever this mushroomy grey with a hint of lilac is just such a stunning neutral colour I have seen nothing else like it. The formula of these nail varnishes are just amazing, they are thick but easy to apply and are very could even get away with only applying a single coat. They are quick to dry, extremely glossy and lasted 3 full days without chips which is very very hard to come by.   

In Blueberry - Again the same amazing formula yet even more opaque then the colour Almond. This is a bright muted blue which to be honest is a little 80's for me I was it has been a little more pastel but still a lovely eye catching vibrant colour. 

In Greenberry - Wow isn't this colour just stunning?? I've read that it is a great dupe for China Glaze in 'Too Yacht To Handle' it is the most vibrant slightly turquoise green. This would give the most amazing pop of colour to a really simple outfit and again is so eye catching and so fool proof to apply! 

I would most definitely recommend the Barry M Gelee Hi Shine nail polishes they are by far the best I have tried and after seeing a sneak preview of their Autumn colour releases due on the 27th of September I cant wait to snap up a few more for my collection.   

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