Saturday, 6 September 2014

Ikea Shopping List.

Firstly apologies for the few days absence from posting I have had so much going on!! Firstly my poor Mr has put his back out which has meant I've had to pick up the slack and take on all his manly duties like walking the dog and carrying all the food shopping up the stairs which has resulted in me hurting my arm.....arnt we a pair! Eli has started pre-school two days a week and because we haven't moved yet it means a 20 minute drive there and back twice a day which is tiring, he is also having a bit of potty training regression as he is very shy about telling other people when he needs to go.

On a more positive note we are getting extremely close to exchanging contracts on our house which means we will hopefully get a moving date next week which I am extremely excited about. I have a few bits left to get including a rug, table runner and two curtain polls but what I am most looking forward to is our rather large Ikea shop we have been saving for!

Since the start of the moving process we have been putting money aside to buy a few new bits of furniture from Ikea, I have been selling old toys, clothes, and house hold items we no longer need and adding that to our fund as well as any tips Greig has received from customers. The biggest contributions were from selling the boys pram and also selling a lot of broken gold jewellery and we now have a substantial amount to buy all the things we wanted to to make our home really look and feel like ours.  

A few things that are on our shopping list include new bedroom furniture and a new bed for Eli as well as a TV unit and other bits and bobs like mirrors and light fittings. I cant wait to be able to do some room tour posts once we are finally in and settled and I will have a home ware haul coming soon with everything I have purchased so far.  

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