Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Homeware Collective Haul.

With just 3 weeks until our big move, it seems like forever that I've been collecting bits and bobs for the new house and it will be lovely to finally see them all in use. So here is a collective haul of lots of bits of homeware I have been stashing away for the past few months, some of which I have had sent to my mums so some of these images have been taken from the website instead.

So lets start with bedding. As both boys will have new beds I needed to stock up on a ton of new bedding, I found it very difficult to decide on bedding especially for Eli as I didn't want anything to babyish. In the end I bought this this lovely retro car patterned bedding set from John Lewis which I absolutely love and as a spare this yellow and grey geometric bedding set which was a bargain in Wilkinsons for only £9! For Wesley I had already purchased a set from Vertbaudet but also picked up this spare truck print set from Asda again for only £9. I needed some curtains for Eli's room and I found it really difficult to find reasonably priced curtains that were big enough, in the end I settled for this bright blue pair from Ebay they are thermal and light reducing making them great for a child's bedroom. 

These tin signs were an Aldi special buy and were only £3 a set the retro signs will most probably go in my kitchen and the Paris ones possibly in the bathroom. I managed to get some more of my favourite vintage bunting from thedotcomgiftshop it was on sale and i'm saving it for Eli's birthday. Lastly I have a brand new dinning room table and chairs that have been in storage for over 7 months, it is an absolutely stunning shabby chic restored country kitchen table and to make sure that the top does not get damaged I bought these pretty heart shaped place matts from Ebay.

This is my beautiful table and again to prevent damage to the top especially from my fruit bowl, I have also bought a couple of table runners from H&M in these two fabric prints both of which were only £6.99 each. 

From Next I have a wipable table cloth to use when we are eating dinner because my boys do like to make a mess!! We also got a little storage box in the shape of a house, this will be going in our porch to keep out keys, any change and doggie bags in to keep it nice and organised. Lastly we decided to treat ourselves to a brand new kettle, in fact the prettiest kettle I think I have ever seen. It is actually ceramic like a tea pot which means we have to be extra careful with it but it does make the most fabulous tasting cup of tea!  

I also already have a shoe cabinet and mirror for the porch and also two new curtain polls and two new baby gates. Everything may look a bit higgldy piggldy at the moment I cant wait until it all comes together and can share with you what our new house looks like. 

Thank you for reading.


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