Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Home Move Snippets.

This move has pretty much been a year in the making, the house became vacant we made our interest known and that was the start of a long process. We knew it was going to be long for a start the house needed completely renovated which we knew would take time, we also knew that selling our shared ownership property could also take a fair amount of time.

We are now just days away from leaving our first ever home together as a family which is pretty sad but the space just does not work for us anymore.....we need much much more space! We need a garden of our own and the boys need an area that is safe and near loved ones. 

We went to check our how the house was coming along and even though its not finished just yet I already know its going to be beautiful and it already feel like ours. Here are a few snippets of the most finished room which is our beautiful new bathroom. 

I also thought I would update you on a few little homeware bargains, like a beautiful new lamp I managed to pick up second hand for only £7, some new sofa cushions from Asda to spruce up the living  room and some DIY frames for Eli's room made from free printables and wallpaper samples.  

Stay tuned for more house tours and homeware updates.....there will be plenty in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for sticking with me during this period of sparse posting.


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