Saturday, 24 January 2015


Hope everyone is having a splendid weekend, It had occurred to me I haven't posted a personal post in quite sometime so I thought I would do a little chatty post to give you an update on our family. 

So where do I start!! So Eli is really enjoying going to preschool 3 days a week and I am really enjoying doing the school run making packed lunches and actually having time to do some housework. Wesley loves having me all to himself for 3 days a week, we take little trips out and about and spend more time playing one to one. He is actually so much calmer and easy going when Eli is at school as he is not having to fight/cause mischief for attention, him being content also means I can whiz through the house work and keep on top of things a lot easier. 

Currently we have poorly boys who are suffering from the stomach flu so we have been taking it easy with lots of sofa days, disney films, floor picnics and activity books. Its horrible seeing your children so sick but thats is one down side to preschool....the germs! 

Other things that are going on right now is us searching for wedding venues and creating budgets! I am really excited to be going to see one of my favourite venues with weekend, we have narrowed it down to two both of which I love. I have a pile of wedding magazines that I have been sifting through over the past weeks getting as many DIY wedding ideas as possible to keep costs down, Pinterest is also a god send when it comes to wedding planning! 

We have finally finished clearing our garden ready to spruce up for the summer so I have been eyeing up plants left right and centre as well as more cacti and succulents for indoors. Currently on my foliage to buy list is an Acer tree for the patio, creating a potted herb garden, lots of lavender and also a Bonsi tree for indoors. 

Thank you for reading.


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