Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Keeping Cosy.

Since we have moved to a bigger house which is more expensive to heat and is less then greatly insulated I have really felt the cold this winter! For the first time ever I have been desperately seeking warm pyjamas, dressing gowns and slippers and luckily at Christmas my prayers were answered.

For Christmas Greig bought me this beautiful dressing gown and I couldn't be any more pleased. It may seem to some like quite a boring practical present but this is just what I needed, I had my eye on the Topshop teddy bear dressing gown but it had all sold out and Greig unexpectedly discovered a bit of a gem of a brand.

This gown is from Oysho which is stocked on ASOS but also has a bigger better range on their website. It is the most beautifully soft and snugly thing I have ever worn....most days I have to force myself out of it sometimes getting dressed then putting it back on over the top of my clothes. This purple toned grey just so happens to be one of my favourite colours and I love the simple white cloud print. It has a belt tie and an extra fluffy fleecey hood, I love slinging it on in the evening whilst drinking tea and catching up on some Netflix, you most probably will see it in my January favourites all the way up to summer!

Another Christmas gift were these cute slippers from John Lewis, they may make me look like and Eskimo but they are the cosiest warmest slippers and also match my dressing gown quite nicely!  

The last way I have been keeping cosy this winter is by adding a little fur. These two faux fur scarves/collars are a lovely way of adding not only warmth but a little something extra to your winter coat. I even wore the grey one as a stole to a winter wedding adding a little glamour to my outfit. The one on the left from New Look is shorter and clips together to look like an attached fur collar where as the right one from Miss Selfridge is more of a scarf and can be wrapped or tied around the neck or left to hang. 

So how have you been keeping cosy this winter?

Thank you for reading.


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