Friday, 16 January 2015

Getting Organised For 2015.

One of my new years resolutions this year was to plan plan plan, to keep organised and efficient making sure that I'm putting my time to good use. Its only when you get your own house and a couple of children you really realised how essential it is to not only plan your days but weeks and months. Work and school schedules, house work, family time, outings and events all need to be kept track of and penciled in and having the right systems and stationary really help keep things in check.

Having a large diary Is a must! 
I found it really difficult this year to find a nice big diary with lots of space to right daily which I liked the design of and didn't cost a fortune. Last year I had a Frankie Magazine Journal which I loved but wanted something a little more affordable and in the end after lots of searching I settled for this diary from Paperchase. The design is very simple, I like the embossed gold front and the fact that its spiral bound means that it can be opened out completely flat making it easier to write in.

This diary is big! And even though it is week to view there is plenty of space in each day for a lot of notes. I like to use the calendar at the beginning of each month to make note of any important events including birthdays and days out this makes it easier to see whats going on that month. I like to plan my weeks out on a Sunday sat on the sofa with a nice big cup of tea. I will write in whats days Eli is at preschool and what days Greig is a work, I write in what days my mum is off making sure I pencil in a visit once a week. Once that is done I write in housework that needs to be done usually whilst Eli is at preschool making sure things like cleaning the windows and oven are not neglected and then also planning activities to do with Wesley and Eli on days I have them both at home. My Diary also have a useful contacts and notes section at the back, In my notes currently is a list of things that I want to complete around the house throughout the year including decorating rooms and sprucing up the garden.   

For when the notes section gets a little too full I like to also keep a notebook for any big events that need planning and this one I am using is also from Paperchase. So this year my notebook is being mainly used for planning our wedding which we are looking to book soon, keeping track of budgets, suppliers quotes and lists of things that need to be bought but it will also come in useful for planning the children's birthday parties and writing Christmas lists.

Other ways of organising your day to day life is by having a handy little to do list pad, this one by Happy Jackson is magnetic and is great for keeping on the fridge. To do list pads are great for writing shopping lists, weekly meal plans and things you need to get done that day.

Lastly a pin board is a great way of making sure those reminders get seen! We have this one in our kitchen which I use to display any of Eli's prechool art work or newsletters, a written weekly meal plan,  any invitations for events or any bills that need to be paid. The kitchen is probably the room we all spend most of our time in as a family so important reminders will definitely get noticed there!

How do you keep your family life organised and chaos free?

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  1. I'm on my own so don't have to organise children (two cats are enough to descend me into chaos) but I found a new app last week called Wunderlist and it helps when I remember things when out and about whether it's groceries or things I need to do.