Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Copper Accents from H&M.

I recently placed a little order from H&M home because I absolutely fell in love with their beautiful copper accessories. When I purchased this candle holder and tray I had no idea where they were going to end up in my house, the possibilities where endless! They could have been used in my bathroom along with the copper basket we already have holding our toiletries, In our living room as a lovely contrast the the cool green and grey colours but in the end they were used to spruce up my chest of draws in my bedroom.

The lovely laser cut tray is currently being used to hold a number of perfumes and hand cream or any little bits i use day to day and I think the copper colour looks lovely against the white chest of drawers and the wooden mirror. I think these copper accents on my dresser really give a little something extra to a room which is otherwise very light and simple.

I am also waiting for a copper oval mirror which is also available on H&M right now which will be going up on my bedroom wall to continue tying in the colour theme. Check out other homeware items available from H&M right now in a previous post of mine that can be found here

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