Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Going Green.

I finally jumped on the Ikea cacti bandwagon and picked up these cute little mini cacti pots which every blogger seems to have. Now I never saw the fascination in cacti until now and they seem to be pretty trendy at the moment, I just thought they were pretty boring!

What I have finally realised is that they are in excellent way of adding some simple stylish greenery to your home with absolutely minimal upkeep and effort. I am not the best at keeping things alive....other then myself and my children of course! I am rubbish at remembering to water plans so these are pretty ideal for a busy family environment where plants are bound to be neglected.

These 3 little cacti pots are around £4 from ikea and I love the green pots which match my living room perfectly. Currently they are hanging out on my dining room window sill but I am planning to put them on an Ikea Ribba picture ledge behind my sofa once it has been put up. I have also been looking at other ways to introduce a bit of the outdoors inside and here are a few ideas/products I've been loving:

Terrariums from Urban Outfitters and The Urban Botanist. 

Pinterest Inspiration. 

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