Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas The Decorative Details.

I love Christmas so much and when you have children it just becomes extra special. I was dying to get my tree up this year but had to wait till we were back off our trip which was absolutely torture but now its all up I thought I would give you a little tour of our festive touches. 

I thought Id start with the outside of the house and now that we were no longer living in a flat I was dying to get some outside lights and these simple white icicle lights looks really pretty when its dark.

One tradition of ours is getting a wreath for our front door, we have one every year and it doesn't feel Christmassy enough without one. This gorgeous wreath with dried fruit was from Morrisons and I am very impressed with it!  

Inside in the living room we have a real tree which looks beautiful all lit up in front of our full length window. We also get a real tree every year and usually we get one as big as we can fit, this year we even had to up a bit off the base to get it in our Christmas tree stand! We decorate the tree in simple white fairy lights and a colour theme of green red and gold baubles with rustic wooden decorations.

This year we decorated the top of our TV unit with these simple yet very pretty white paper star lantern lights along with a wooden tree and snowman ornament. It fits the style of our living room perfectly yet gives it a really homely festive touch. We also picked up this little reindeer hanging ornament from Center Parcs which now lives in a porch hung from the mirror.

Taking pride of place in our fireplace is our wooden stag head covered in fairy lights which looks so beautiful lit up in the evening. I think I might just keep this up all year round!

The last little touches in our living room include these cute little stuffed snowman and santa which live on the top shelf of our bookcase along with this framed chalkboard that I made a few weeks back.

Our display of pumpkins on our dining room table has finally been replaced by a wintery bouquet of flowers, our advent house and advent candle. Lastly not really festive but another Center Parcs purchase was this Happy Jackson fridge note pad which I found extremely fitting for our chaotic family.

Thank you for reading.


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