Wednesday, 26 February 2014

How to deal with the dreaded pox!

Chicken pox is something all parents dread, but the best way to approach it when it happens is with the mentality 'its best to get it out the way'......because all children will get it, in fact all children need to catch it to gain immunity.

Another thing you need to quickly accept is that if you have other children they will almost definitely get it all at once, so best off keeping them all under house arrest especially as the virus can take hold without any symptoms for 7 days.

Some children can experience flu like symptoms before any out break of spots, Eli however was (i suppose) lucky that he didn't experience any unwell feelings until the spots appeared.

My first tip would be cut their nails! Short blunt nails can do less damage when itching and the last thing you want is permanent scarring. Loose comfortable clothes are better to keep irritation to a minimum, and all in one sleepsuits at night prevents them from any direct itching of the majority of the spots in their sleep.

Another thing i quickly learnt was that you can get chicken pox anywhere!! They can appear in the most awful of places, the feet, armpit, scalp, groin and even in the mouth are amongst some of the worst places.

Supplies. As soon as you see those dreaded spots get your ass to the nearest chemist! Everyone can remember the old school Calamine lotion the runny pink liquid that made you look like you were covered in chalk, well that is still an option to use! Personally i found a product called Vira gel easier and most effective, it is a clear gel which sinks into the skin with ease it soothes itching fast and is no where near as messy as Calamine. If your child is over the age of 1 would highly recommend the use of liquid Pititon for children. More commonly used for hay fever and allergies it is also extremely effective at banishing the itchiness of chicken pox. Another must is the trusty Calpol, any high temperature or unwell feelings can be kept under control with this liquid paracetamol.

Once the spots have been dealt with now its just a case of waiting it out. Keep the child sufficiently distracted as boredom = itching! Indoor games, crafts and good old disney films will be your lifesavers for up to 2 weeks, trips in the garden for fresh air and plenty of rest and fluids to keep hydrated.

Always consult with your doctor if chicken pox is suspected, I am no expert these are just my findings from our personal experience.

Thank you for reading!

Loulou, featuring a spotty Elijah age 2.

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