Thursday, 27 February 2014

Boys Summer Look Book.

Dont get me wrong although I would absolutely love a baby girl to shop for so I could buy all the pastel shades and pretty dresses I see in the shops, I adore boys fashion even if it is a little harder to come by.

When it comes to shopping for both my boys I have a few go to shops, supermarkets do amazingly priced basics but that is usually reflected in the quality. I tend to steer clear of Primark unlike like great girls section the boys section tends to look a little cheap, comes up incredibly small and after a couple of washes tends to end up very worn looking and misshaped. H&M up to 2 years boys section is great the fashion is amazing and affordable without affecting the quality but the over 2 years section I find isn't nearly as stylish. You can never go wrong with Next the quality and fashion is as good as it gets but it is a little more pricey!

Because everything of Eli's is handed down to Wesley, I don't mind spending a little more if I know the quality is going to last. So far I haven't done the 'dress them in matching outfits' thing but now they are only a couple of sizes apart i might be tempted!

This summer I am loving nautical styling in other words blue, white and red with anchor detailing. Straw hats deck shoes make the most perfect finishing touches, Hawaiian themed prints and rolled up chinos would also be great additions to any summer wardrobe.

Above are some of my favourite pieces in stores right now. First picture are a compilation of whats available in Zara and Gap kids the second features Next and H&M.

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